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DSL Lanka Pvt Ltd become first company accredited for rubber toy manufacture through GOLS

Since it was established eight years ago the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) has been the choice for many manufacturers and retailers in the Mattress and Bedding Industry who want to encourage sustainable latex production.

Now Control Union has made a significant addition to the existing standard by introducing a new requirement that allows manufacturers to claim rubber toys have been made with organically grown latex.

In order to claim the product as certified under GOLS the standard requires that natural rubber latex used in toys shall only be of organic origin as per any recognized national or international standard (EU and or USDA/NOP).

Prabhath Rathnayake, Program Manager for GOLS at Control Union Certifications, said: “Including rubber toys within the GOLS scope is a significant milestone and is evidence of our focus on developing the standard to include new industries.   By assuring products as “Made with Organically Grown Latex” we have been able to align with the international test criteria for rubber toys.”

The first rubber toy manufacturing company to be accredited through the scheme is DSL Lanka Pvt Ltd. (DSL), a family owned business from the natural resource rich, small tropical island of Sri Lanka. In 2013, DSL launched Tikiri Toys as they believe that future generations deserve safer, better quality toys that are also fun and well designed.  Tikiri means ‘Teeny tiny’ in Sinhala, a native language of Sri Lanka, and is a word with a sweet and soft sound, like their toys.

Tikiri was born out of over 30 years of experience manufacturing soft toys, baby garments, hats, mittens and fashion garments for leading global brands.  Tikiri have launched the handmade, lovingly crafted Bonikka Collection and the Meiya and Alvin collection, which is a culmination of much research and innovative thinking to create a 100% sustainable product.  Their aim is to produce toys that children will grow with, parents will love to buy and receive, knowing that they were manufactured ethically and with care for the planet.

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