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Belgische Chaudfontaine behaalt wereldwijde AWS certificaat voor duurzaam watermanagement

De Belgische mineraalwaterbottelarij Chaudfontaine heeft het platinum certificaat voor duurzaam watermanagement behaald van de wereldwijde Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Dit is een certificaat voor duurzaam waterbeheer dat je wereldwijd kan behalen. “De bescherming van onze bronnen en actief samenwerken met stakeholders rond waterbeheer zijn topprioriteiten. We zijn dan ook erg trots dat onze inspanningen en de 590 maatregelen die we de afgelopen jaren genomen hebben nu ook officieel erkend worden”, aldus Achmed Boumrah, directeur van de mineraalwaterbottelarij in Chaudfontaine.

Why a self-made claim about plastics is no longer enough

Since the BBC aired Blue Planet 2 in 2017, the conversation around the use of plastics has continued to hit the headlines with increasing regularity and is of growing concern to consumers and governments alike. The UN Environment Programme estimates that plastics constitute “as much as 95 percent of the marine litter found on coastlines, the sea surface, and the ocean floor”. And when it comes to plastics it is packaging which is the biggest culprit, with the UK alone producing over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging every year. Given the gravity of the global plastics crisis, businesses can no longer assume that unsubstantiated claims, pledges, or pacts around their use of plastic will be enough to secure the public’s trust in their brand. Now more than ever they need to prove the ways in which they are cutting the use of plastic and adopting alternative, compostable, materials through a robust certification process.

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regenagri® certifies Scheffer farms as regenerative

Scheffer farm group in Brazil has become the first company in the Americas to receive the regenagri® certification for regenerative agriculture. With a core focus on reducing chemicals and increasing biodiversity on their farms over the last 5 years, Scheffer has succeeded in transitioning to a regenerative approach for their highly productive arable land in the Sapezal, located in Chapadão do Parecis, Brazil.
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