Pensée innovante

Peterson et Control Union s'engagent à utiliser une pensée novatrice pour répondre aux demandes accrues d'activités en matière de développement durables et ajouter de la valeur aux activités de leurs clients.

As forward thinking companies, Peterson and Control Union provide innovative solutions and leading technology to logistics and risk management.

Committed to providing top quality service, using state of the art technology and expert techniques and personnel for a range of services bespoke to the needs of our customers, we are proud to offer innovative solutions that are further supported by our core values. 

Innovative thinking and the experience of our teams are used when solving your problems. We understand the critical nature of the industries and sectors you work in and we value responsiveness and do what it takes to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

We value innovative thinking and stimulate our employees by awarding the best idea with the 'Peterson Innovation Award' (PIA).