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Control Union and IDS announce formal collaboration

Control Union and IDS Group have announced today a formal collaboration that will see the companies work together in the testing, inspection and certification industries.
The agreement will also support IDS’s development of a mobile scanner for isotopic tracing. IDS has previously developed isotopic tracers (artificial isotope ratio), which can be added to products at different stages, providing a fast option to identify product originality at any step in the supply chain.

Control Union, through its company TLR International Laboratories, has been performing isotope ratio analysis for several years and has already built several databases to demonstrate the authenticity of organic fruit and vegetables for its customers.

Johan Maris, Control Union Director, said: “At Control Union we believe in the use of new and innovative technologies for the benefit our clients, and that is why we have joined up with IDS.

“We can now offer a full package to clients that want to be secure that their products have not been altered as the move through the supply chain. Our clients will benefit from greater transparency over procurement of raw material and validity of content.”

Patrice Fauvet, CEO and Head of R&D at IDS Group, added: “This partnership with Control Union is a key milestone in our strategic development. We are very excited to collaborate with one of the major inspection, certification and testing (ICT) companies in the world.

“Our ability to determine the local origin using our intrinsic marking technologies (that are 100% natural) for any living and or inert raw material will benefit global industry by improve traceability and authenticity along the entire supply chain, securing products and finally providing new opportunities for clients to create new added value services.”

Control Union has vast expertise in inspection, sampling and supervision and delivers quality independent services to clients, providing worldwide support across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The company’s approach is to plan and execute services efficiently, with a focus on the clear and timely reporting of key information.
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