Programa de prácticas

El Global Traineeship de Peterson y Control Union es un programa de un año diseñado para ofrecerte una experiencia de trabajo internacional y proyectos desafiantes que te permitirán conocer nuestras actividades de negocio y establecer una red dentro de la compañía.

Our traineeship programme provides you with the opportunity to work on three different projects, rotating across key areas of our business and gaining practical experience and high level exposure within the following areas: commodity logistics, energy logistics, (sustainability) certifications, industrial inspections, commodity inspections, projects & solutions, laboratory services or collateral services.
It is an on-the-job training program, where we customise each program based on the qualifications of each trainee. This tailor-made approach allows you to excel in your area of expertise, while at the same time we unlock your potential by inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone. Each project lasts four months and can involve travelling to any of our global locations including Rotterdam, Mumbai, Aberdeen, Ho Chi Minh City or Sao Paolo.

Your learning journey

We think it is important for you to discover where your passions and strengths lie. In addition to the opportunity to explore different areas under the guidance of a line manager, we will also assign you a 'buddy' (normally a former trainee who has been through the process, a mentor (who will be an experienced manager) and a talent manager to support you in your development. Each rotation of the traineeship will start with an orientation period and during this period the trainee will be introduced to the core activities of the division they are working for. Each stage will end with an evaluation and a presentation of the project.
At Peterson and Control Union we firmly believe in the 70-20-10 learning philosophy in order to build and develop your skills and knowledge.
70% on the job experience
The traineeship is built around three different projects of four months each. Not only will your project location change, you will also develop new professional relationships with our teams and have the opportunity to deliver new business activities at each location. This requires flexibility, cultural awareness, adaptability and determination.
20% learning through relationships and feedback
We believe the power of mentoring is part of the learning experience. That is why every trainee will be assigned to a senior manager. Partnered with the talent manager and paired with previous trainees, we will help you to find your way in our company and fulfil your potential.
10% formal learning
At every start of a new rotation, we will organise a two-day event so you learn more about the company, get to know other trainees and develop through workshops and training.

Peterson and Control Union offer a variety of roles to trainees, within a unique and entrepreneurial company. If you are ready for the challenge of learning new things every day, living abroad and working in a collaborative environment with support of senior management, then this is the right place!

Jekaterina Mjackova - Former Trainee

Our ideal candidate

Whichever area holds your interest, you will need to demonstrate that you share our values and have your own distinct strengths.
Peterson and Control Union have a reputation based on mutual entrepreneurial attitude, winning partnerships, honesty, integrity and cooperation; this is how we wish to continue growing.
We are a global, family company with a long-term view aimed at sustainable growth. Our trainees are driven but down-to-earth, analytical and tenacious connectors. You will need to have ambition and take responsibility for your own projects; you will be the driving force behind your development.
This opportunity is for adaptive, internationally-orientated developing professionals who embrace big challenges and focus on delivering results. If you can demonstrate to us your track record of success in internships and other relevant work experiences as well as impress us with your international experiences and stories, we can offer unique opportunities across our international locations.
To be considered a candidate, you need to possess:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s graduate degree;
  • Affinity with the supply chain and/or sustainability industry;
  • Less than three years work experience;
  • The ability to express yourself fluently in English;
  • The willingness to work at different places worldwide;
  • A driven, down-to-earth and adventurous attitude;
  • An eagerness to learn.

Application process

If you recognise yourself in the outline profile, please apply for the traineeship. We have three starting dates: January 1, May 1 and September 1. The application date will determine the start date of the traineeship.
Step 1: Upload your CV and cover letter
Fill out the application online.
Step 2: Meet one of our Business Managers
Applicants that pass the CV selection will be invited to meet one of our business managers close to their home location.
Step 3: Complete an online personality assessment
Successful applicants will receive an e-mail invitation to complete an online personality assessment. This is a questionnaire that measures your work preferences. We will use these results for the next interview as well as a starting point for the setup of the traineeship.
Step 4: Meet our Talent Manager
The focus will be on your personal skills and capabilities, as well as the cultural fit in relation to our values. You will also have the opportunity to ask us plenty of questions.
Step 5: Case selection
The final shortlisted candidates can expect an invitation to record a presentation about a defined topic to a selection of Peterson and Control Union members. This presentation will be the final stage of the application process.
Step 6: Sign the contract
We expect to offer the positions to selected Peterson and Control Union candidates six weeks before the start of the traineeship.

After the traineeship

Once a trainee has successfully completed the three stages within the traineeship, the intention is to offer the trainee a challenging position within Peterson or Control Union where we will continue to support your growth within the company.
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