Commercial Manager

Energy Logistics

Responsible for overseeing contractual and commercial aspects within the business and supporting the growth efforts of the company. Duties include managing our Supply Chain, conduct market research to identify new business opportunities and client leads, coordinate with company leadership to conduct risk assessments and develop and maintaining beneficial relationships with our suppliers and other business partners. Analyze company data to measure the success of past projects and make beneficial changes to future initiatives. Oversee business projects, monitor budgeting expenses.


Commercial Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Duties typically involve:

Develop Relationships across the business

o   Build relationships with clients & vendors to establish growth opportunities.

o   Develop strong relationships with different departments within the company to ensure everyone is working toward the same targets and goals.

o   Work closely with Operations, Business Improvement & Business Support teams to identify pinch points, help streamline the business and capture & share knowledge

Create Plans for Business Growth

o   Developing strategic plans to encourage business growth.

o   Develop and manage tender and opportunity plans

Work with Analytics team to develop and manage vendor performance metrics/ KPI’s

o   Delivery performance & Responsiveness

o   Commercial feedback

o   Create action plans that are based off data and statistics and interpret results against targets.

Develop & Manage Commercial Operations

o   Coordinate & manage commercial activities (tenders, price changes, vendor base)

o   Develop risk assessments and pricing structures for products to work toward commercial efforts.

o   Develop alternative proposals to maximize success opportunities

o   Assist with financial planning and budgeting.

Oversee & Manage Supply Chain vendor base

o   Establish comprehensive vendor base in all locations with all assigned, prioritized vendors to all commodities plus back-up/ future bid list

o   Establish Supplier management program

o   Develop vendor Contract Management/ Negotiation plan to ensure optimum commercial deals are in place

o   Develop system to capture opportunities/ savings, trends, supplier innovations & market perspective (cost/ supply/ pinch points)

o   Work with vendors to capture product expansion opportunities

Monitor Regulations

o   Ensure stakeholders adhere to and understand contractual obligations, and also determine when processes violate regulations. Assess risks and make recommendations based on analysis of all factors affecting the business situation.


Commercial Manager Skills and Qualifications

  • Commercial awareness – you should have a good understanding of the state of the current competitive market.  The expectation is you will be constantly updating this knowledge, which includes keeping up to date with the latest contract laws and regulations
  • Mathematics – The role requires you to deal with administrative financial tasks, such as commercial bids, monthly reporting, overseeing revenue and budget forecasting
  • Interpersonal skills – an important aspect of this job is developing relationships with clients and external points of contact.
  • Teamwork – You will be working as part of a team and collaborate closely with other departments, so it’s important that applicants for this role have the ability to work well with others
  • Time management – meeting deadlines for projects and tasks is key in this job, so applicants must be organized and able to manage their time effectively


     Business Degree/CIPS qualified

     5 years' experience in a similar role

     Ability to work within a busy environment, meeting demanding targets and working to tight deadlines

     Competent with Microsoft Office Packages

     Experience within the maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO).


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