Assistant Inspection Manager

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Barbara Mills

Scope of Assignment: The Assistant Inspection Manager is responsible for ensuring that qualitative and quantitative verification of various commodities/products and related processes through field inspections, marine surveys and/or audits, are executed in accordance with company principles, international standards, accreditation procedures and client requirements.

Position in the organization: Assistant Manager

Reports to: Managing Director / Inspection Manager

Duties and Key Responsibilities:

General management

  • Operational and human resource planning
  • Arrange inspectors to fulfill work at assigned port
  • Make sure inspections employees are provided with necessary equipment, including safety equipment
  • Supervise day to day inspection work inspectors/surveyors/checkers, make sure procedures, work instructions, and client requests are followed and applied correctly.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for inspectors/surveyors/checkers.
  • Ensure compliance of Code of conduct by inspectors/surveyors/checkers.
  • Ensure that reports of inspectors/surveyors are delivered in agreed format and within reasonable time frame.
  • Make monthly reports or warehouse, vessel discharge/loading
  • Assist HR department with recruitment of inspectors/surveyors/checkers
  • Assist HR department with the onboading program of new employees, including basic training, Health & safety training.
  • Supervise daily operation in the port when necessary.
  • Perform inspection/surveyor activities when necessary.
  • Select capable laboratories and arrange sending of samples for analysis if necessary.
  • Verify the sheet/payroll of inspectors/surveyors
  • Perform annual performance appraisal of inspectors/surveyors/checkers.
  • Make proposals for improving company’s service.
  • Make monthly status reports for MD
  • Inform about suspected fraud or mistakes made to Managing Director.


  • Assist in establishing and managing ISO17020 management system.
  • Assist in writing procedures according to ISO17020 and training auditors/back office accordingly.
  • Meet requirements of ISO17020 once operational
  • Ensure inspection methods meet international standards (GAFTA, FOSFA, ISO17020)
  • Write/approve procedures, work instructions, working forms
  • Determine training needs and make training material and plans for surveyors/inspectors/checkers
  • Train surveyors/inspectors/checkers to ensure competence and quality
  • Review contract and inspection certificates when requires



  • Assist Managing Director with sales and marketing of inspection service
  • Make quotation/calculations for inspection services
  • Communicate with the client for work requirements



  • Undertake any other duties and supports as requested by the Managing Director.

Expected Educational & Professional Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Prospective canditate Must have: Knowledge of inspection service, commercial/business,  commodities, including, but not limited to Soya Bean Meal/ Beans, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Cocoa to name a few.
  • Knowledge of legal requirements and the legal system,shipping practice,risk assesment safety compliance, ISO9001, experience of commodity inspection service ,experience in management level will be advantageous.  Knowledge of ISO17020 is desirable.

Interested applicants should send their cvs to;

Barbara Mills |
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