Sarah Forbes

“ I enjoy the diversity of my role and the ability to work with an incredible team ”

Sarah Forbes, Director for Projects & Innovation - Peterson Offshore Group
Sarah started her career working on IT help desks, before moving swiftly through systems analysis to IT management, where she had an international role with an NYSE-listed oil services company. Sarah went on to establish Core29, a strategic technology consultancy in 2012 and in December 2016, it became part of the Peterson family, helping drive disruptive innovation to the wider oil and gas industry.
Why I joined Peterson
Peterson are a forward thinking, innovative organisation who, four years ago, began their digital transformation recognising that our business model had to mature in order to support the journey to becoming a digital business.  This drive for innovation is firmly embedded across the board of directors and throughout the management teams, and has positioned the Peterson group as fore runners in the digital oilfield.  This journey, commitment to innovation, and ability to affect strategy attracted me to the Peterson business.
What I enjoy most about my role
I enjoy the diversity of my role and the ability to work with an incredible team to bring disruptive change and digital transformation to our business.  Technology moves at a rapid pace, I enjoy translating consumer technology trends in to operational efficiency, and watching our business become more streamlined, efficient and dynamic every day.
In addition, working with an incredibly strong management team, who together continually drive forward our business both domestically and internationally keeps it exciting.  However the real enjoyment comes from engaging with our Peterson people, learning about how they think we could be more efficient, and how together we live by our values and demonstrate that, with Peterson, it really is trust well placed.
What makes an effective team member
My team spin about 20 plates at any one time!  As we are responsible for driving technology change through the business, we get involved in many projects at one time, and at all levels of the business. As a result, an effective team member must be dynamic, demonstrate attention to detail, and be an effective communicator.
What company culture means to me
Everything.  Our values are embedded in to our working lives, and I especially resonate with ‘innovative thinking' and how we establish winning partnerships.  We have a very open culture within our organisation with the board of directors and management teams actively encouraging new ideas and new ways to deliver our services.  You are not a number with Peterson, we all form part of a global network of experts who deliver quality to our clients at all times.  It’s a family culture and an organisation which I am proud to be a part of.
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