Jekaterina Mjackova

“  I am a globally minded person and Peterson provides international opportunities  ”

Jekaterina Mjackova , Marine Business Analyst

Jekaterina is a former Peterson and Control Union trainee and currently works as a Business Analyst at Peterson. Her main project over the past two years was to set up the vessel sharing model in the Northern North Sea. With 15 years of experience in combining sailings via an efficient pool of supply vessels and shared supply bases, Peterson (Den Helder) has developed in-depth knowledge and my goal was to establish this business solution in the UK.

Why I joined Peterson and Control Union
I always wanted to work in a large international logistics company where I could explore all facets of the business: sales, customer service, human resources and operations. So when I came across the Peterson and Control Union Traineeship it felt like a great match. I chose the company because of its strong international focus and diverse client portfolio. Important for me was the emphasis on professional development, not only when you are in training, but also once you are qualified. Besides that, I am a globally minded person and I enjoy working overseas and Peterson provides this international career opportunity.

What sort of opportunities I had during your traineeship
I had a chance to work across the different offices in the Netherlands and internationally. During my traineeship, I spent two months in Moscow working on market research for a new certification program. This project helped me to step out of my comfort zone and seek out other opportunities that were outside of my professional discipline. During my traineeship, I was given an opportunity to work alongside top professionals, clients and senior management. For one of my placements, my line manager was the former SNS Pool Fleet manager which really inspired me and basically determined my future career choice.

A time Peterson and Control Union showed me a great deal of trust
I was appointed as SNS Pool Fleet manager for a six month period, which became my first managerial experience. I felt very privileged and scared at the same time, but once I started that role I felt empowered to tackle challenges head on. The team consisted of 20 co-workers, nine major oil and gas operators and ensured the safety of more than 100 crew members serving on the Pool board. In such a short period I managed to learn a lot, and I need say thank you to my managers who had trust in me and were sure that I can do it.

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