Federico Richards

“ I have been lucky to grow as a professional and be a part of the growth of the company ”

Federico Richards, CMA Director - Control Union Brazil

Federico has been part of the Control Union family since 2004 when he started working as an office boy for the board of directors in the Buenos Aires office. After moving to the Collateral Management Services division, Frederico was promoted through the ranks, moving onto the role of assistant accountant, operations assistant and then to chief of operations.  He is now the operational CMA Manager for Control Union Brazil.

Why I joined Control Union
I decided to join Control Union as it offered a challenge to explore opportunities in the agri-business sector and build my professional career in an excellent company, created by good people that hold values that I find fundamental in the corporate world.

What I enjoy most about my role
I enjoy having the possibility to create, understanding that, in the pursuit of working towards continuous improvement, we all need to move forward together.

Being able to enjoy what we do for me is a gift, and even more so when the work environment is surrounded by good people seeking a common goal.

One of the things that gets me going every day is knowing that my contribution may help the company’s main objectives.  My daily motivation has grown from understanding that our people define the company. I consider the Contol Union team as my family and know that there are many people that depend upon us, and this is without any doubt what makes me strong and gets me going, doing my best every day in the hope that today will be better than yesterday.

Opportunities I have had with Control Union
Just being part of Contol Union is an opportunity. Over my years at the company, I have been lucky to grow as a professional and be a part of the growth of the company. Having received the invitation to be a part of the management team in Brazil has of course been a great opportunity to learn about new markets, new people and new services.  New opportunities to develop new skills are offered every day as we are constantly dealing with different scenarios and problems that require knowledge, adaptation and more importantly learning from our mistakes.  This helps us grow not only as individuals but as a group, and offers strength when it comes to overcoming failure or taking on new responsibilities. I consider Control Union as my teacher and my home, one where I never stop learning.

My most memorable work day
I will never forget the day we decided to participate in an activity held by a non-profit organisation that helps families in need build and own their own home.  A group of us at Control Union dedicated a whole weekend to build, with our own two hands, a wooden house for one of these families.  Despite being an extra office activity, I consider this a greater work day than any other because we dedicated all our energy in helping those who needed us most, and I think this a great example of making a difference in the world.

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