Amir Khan

“ They see the potential in people and put them in a place where they can succeed ”

Amir Khan, Manager - Business Development

Amir has been a part of the Control Union India team for more than five years after completing his diploma in textile technology and fashion technology. He joined as an auditor, before working his way up to Manager-Business Development in the textile certification division, holding a number of roles in his time.

Why I joined Control Union
When I completed my diploma and started looking for a job, I knew I wanted a challenge, something that would keep my attention, provide ample opportunities to grow and endless possibilities to learn. I had joined Control Union at very young age and have worked my way up to my current designation as Manager-Business Development. I neither had the knowledge of what a certification body was, nor how the corporate world works, but ever since I joined, it has been a journey of learning. The best thing that Control Union taught me is to have the right attitude and to work as a team.

What I enjoy most about working for Control Union
My current role enables me to interact with customers who are geographically varied, understand their dynamic business needs, and propose solutions that benefit the customers to achieve their sustainable goals. Being on the management side of the business, my role is to build solid partnerships with our customers, while increasing their productivity and enhancing our business. While other companies offer some of the services we provide, we are different from our competition due to our dedication towards our customers and the leadership we have supporting us in every aspect of our jobs.

What Control Union culture means to me
Control Union has a great ability to see potential in people and put them in a place where they can succeed. I enjoy being at a company that has continued to grow and expand its reach. Employees at Control Union are rewarded for a job well done and know their hard work is appreciated; this makes for a very positive and productive workplace. Control Union is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment. It provides a very open work culture and a very good environment to work in, which allows you to share your ideas to contribute to the growth of the organisation. I am very fortunate to be part of the Control Union family.

My most memorable work day
I joined Control Union as a young boy, and the kind of opportunities, training and exposure I have received have been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional. I can proudly say that I work for an organisation that encourages being innovative, gives you the freedom to do things the way you want, and teaches you things that no school can. However, the most memorable work day was the day I got the opportunity to audit a factory in Mauritius. It was a great experience meeting new people and learning about other country's laws.

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