In today’s marketplace, sustainability has become fundamental in business. Peterson and Control Union have developed an internal program, called Dare to Care, in order to improve our sustainability performance. 

Dare to care

Our internal programme Dare to Care is based on four pillars: customers, employees, environment and community.  We have built up a world-class line of products and services but those will only get us so far - we know it is important to also focus on the social side of the business. 
We value our customer relationships, take care of our employees by supporting their development and personal well-being, consider the environment by saving energy, water and raw materials and back the communities we work in by supporting various projects.

Reducing our footprint

Our helicopters and supply vessels co-sharing concept contributes to significant reductions in fuel consumption.  In addition, because of our network of international offices our staff is already on the ground where customers need them to be, meaning we have reduced the need for aeroplane flights. This has been enhanced by using internet conference facilities to further reduce unnecessary travel.  
As a result of our hard work in this area, we have earned the ‘Lean & Green Award’ run by Connect on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in The Netherlands.

Making the connection

We find it important to connect with the people in the communities where we work and support a number of community projects around the world. Not every company can show that they are socially active, but we are not every company. We dare to care.

PCA Award

We stimulate our employees by awarding the best community project with the ' Peterson Community Award' (PCA).

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