In today’s marketplace, sustainability has become fundamental in business. As a global organization, Peterson and Control Union recognizes its responsibility to continuously improve corporate sustainability performance. To guide our actions and ambitions, we have have expanded our internal ‘Dare to Care’ program

Dare to care

Our internal programme is based on four pillars: our environment, our people, society and corporate governance. We are committed to continuously improve in these key areas.

We value our customer relationships, take care of our employees by supporting their development and personal well-being, consider the environment by saving energy, water and raw materials and give back to the communities we work in by supporting various local projects.

Reducing our footprint

As a global service provider, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by being on the ground where our clients need us to be and making the most out of online conference and meeting facilities. This reduces the use of aeroplanes for business travel. Additionally, our helicopters and supply vessels co-sharing concept also contributes significantly to a reduction in fuel consumption. The efforts in this area granted us the ‘Lean & Green Award’ run by Connect, on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands.

Increasing accountability

Sustainability governance is being integrated into the overarching management structure at RPCU. By setting specific global goals, we increase accountability while at the same time enhancing the initiatives led by our local colleagues. We realize that it is a continuous journey and will report yearly on our progress.

Royal Peterson and Control Union Sustainability Report 

The publication of this 2021 Sustainability Report is an important milestone in our organization, especially as we are being intentional about including sustainability management in our organizational strategy. In this report, we detail where we currently stand and the goals we aspire to fulfil.

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