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Control Union Philippines is now a CACSC Accredited Cargo Surveying Company

The Committee for Accreditation of Cargo Surveying Companies (CACSC) approved Control Union Philippines Inc. as an Accredited Cargo Surveying Company (ACSC) for the Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo Clearance Enhancement Program (BBBCCEP) of the Bureau of Customs in March 2022.

With this accreditation in hand, Control Union is authorized to conduct Load Port Surveys (LPS) for bulk and break bulk cargoes bound to the Philippines.

The main purpose of cargo surveying is to verify the quantity and quality of the shipment based on the specifications agreed upon between the buyer and the seller. Surveying confirms the contractual requirements and provides support for the final settlement of the process. Shipments that are inspected at the load port by an accredited cargo surveyor such as Control Union, shall prima facie be deemed to have been examined for customs purposes and shall no longer be re-examined upon arrival in the country but shall instead be immediately released.

The awarding ceremony took place on June 23 where Atty. Antonette C. Tionko, Chairperson of the Committee for Accreditation of Cargo Surveying Companies (CACSC) awarded the certificate of accreditation to Wouter van Ravenhorst, Managing Director of Control Union Philippines Inc.

Mr. van Ravenhorst said that “Control Union is committed to assisting the Philippine Customs by facilitating the assessment of bulk and break bulk cargoes. We are also very pleased that we can now support our clients with this service and look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders”.

Control Union Philippines Inc. has been in operation for more than a decade providing inspection and certification services under the ISO 17020 accreditation. The company is also a member of the Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) Council and a GAFTA and FOSFA-approved superintendent. Control Union is part of the Royal Peterson and Control Union Group, which to this day continues to be family-owned operating in more than 70 countries and employing more than 4000 people. With in-depth knowledge and experience covering all aspects of the supply chain in many industries, industries including agriculture, energy, forestry, sustainability, and textiles.

Control Union Philippines Inc. can be contacted at for more information.

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